When you have diabetes you need to take care of your feet every day

If you have diabetes, nerve damage, circulation problems, and infections can lead to serious foot problems

The Risks With Diabetes & Your Feet

Foot pain and foot infections are high risk for diabetes sufferors and cause an immense amount of trouble due to wounds and ulcers. The amount of pain faced by the diabetics due to their foot complications is many times greater than the pain suffered by an average person. This pain is known as “sensitive pain” where the patient can become so sensitive that even a small amount of skin contact or even rubbing of sheets over the feet can result in pangs of pain. Certain times, the patient can also feel numbness, tingling, burning, and even stabbing pain.

Why You need To Take Care Of Your Feet

Discomfort associated with diabetic foot

  • Loss Of Reflexes
  • Increased feet sensitivity
  • Pain in ankle
  • Loss of sensation in your foot
  • Sharp and stinging pain in feet
  • Serious foot complications like foot ulcers, pain in joint and bone

Extreme Risks

In extreme cases, when regular treatment is not followed, a high blood sugar level can damage nerves as well as blood vessels, including the ones in your feet and legs. This can cause loss of sensation in legs and feet leaving you unaware of ulcers and infections.

In very severe cases this can lead to removal of infected areas or amputation.

Have Diabetes & Need A Check Up?

When & Why See A Podiatrist

Podiatrists are foot experts who specialise in treating lower limbs and feet. They are professional and highly trained with the knowledge of diagnosing, managing, and handling all sorts of foot problems, especially foot ulcers and joint pain due to diabetes.

If you or any of your loved ones are diabetic and suffering from foot pain, then you must immediately seek help. Even a slight sting or numbness of feet is an indication that something is wrong and you need to get treatment quickly.

A podiatrist will not only examine your foot correctly but will also conduct a biometric assessment to check out whether your infection, ulcer or even slight pain is going to affect other parts of your body like your limbs, thighs, and hips.

With Diabetes It Is Really Is Best To Be Treated Early!

Prevention & Treatment For Customers With Diabetes

Diabetic Foot Care Suggestions

Other than relying on a doctor, you must also take some precautionary measures to take care of your foot and save it from the dangers of diabetes.

  • Never walk barefoot as it can expose your feet to bacteria and can trigger as severe infection
  • Wear padded and soft shoes to protect your feet from serious friction
  • Wear well-fitted shoes
  • Keep your feet clean. Don’t forget to wash them with lukewarm water before going to bed and above all, don’t forget to dry them. After washing, use a diabetes foot cream to massage your feet.
  • Trim your toenails regularly to file the rough edges to avoid any injury. Even slight damage in diabetes can result in a severe wound.
  • Keep your feet away from heaters and radiators.
  • Keep on checking the signs and symptoms of any foot complication such as pain, reduced sensation and circulation, and pain in any joint in the lower limb. Moreover, check for redness, inflammation, blisters, and nail problems as well. You can also use a magnifying mirror to examine your feet.
  • Be very gentle with your feet. Don’t rub vigorously or use any footwear which isn’t comfortable.
  • In winters, make sure that your socks are dry and you change them daily.
  • Keep your glucose level low by using medications and taking insulins or as advised by your doctor. The root cause of all the foot complications in diabetes is increased levels of blood sugar.
  • Lastly, DO NOT smoke if you have diabetes because its first effect is the restriction of blow flow in your feet.

Where To Get Help

HealthPoint Podiatry regularly provides diabetes patients with foot care at our Liverpool Clinic as well as offering home visits.

No referral is required