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A podiatrist is a medical specialist who deals with the feet and lower legs health. Our podiatrists have undergone specialist training on diagnosing and treating various foot conditions for both adults and children.

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Treatment For Bunions

Bunions are a bony bump on your big toe. It can be a toe bone dislocation or abnormal growth of bigger toe joints in your feet. As a result of this issue, your toe will tend to bend facing the other toes. The skin around the bunion may become sore and red.

If you experience such condition, contact your local podiatrist who specialise in various methods that will ensure the recovery of your toe and advise on how to avoid the recurrence of the problem in the future.

Treatment Of Foot Infections

Foot infections are diverse, and they often cause difficulties in movement. Foot infection can arise due to contamination by fungal diseases, an injury or bacteria entry into a wound. Other infections may arise due to illnesses such as arthritis, ingrown nails and diabetes mellitus.

It’s crucial to seek medical advice in case of an infection of any kind. Symptoms should also be taken seriously. Ignoring symptoms may make a mild issue transform into major diseases that may result in amputation.

Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic autoimmune disease. It affects the joints by causing inflammations. It affects the feet and hands joints mostly. The symptoms include pain at the feet joints and in some cases loss of function. If you have such a condition or experience symptoms that relate to it, you will need a medical examination for confirmation and treatment.

What to Do When You Have Flat Feet?

Flat Feet occurs when the foot arches collapse resulting to flat foot sole. When this happens, the whole surface of the foot sole comes into direct contact with the floor surface. An arch is vital for the general functioning of the foot.

It provides a springy/elastic link between the hind and forefoot. And with the arch in place, much of the weight exerted on the foot gets spread before getting to the legs and thighs long bones.

If you are suffering from flat feet, you will need orthotics designed to your feet for recovery. This includes arch support or foot braces. By visiting a podiatrist, the measurement and mold of your feet will be taken for custom braces making. The braces will provide you with support until you fully heal.

Corns & Calluses Treatment

Corns commonly occur at the sides and top of your toes. There are three main types of corns that can occur on your foot, soft and hard corn. The soft corn is common in between your 5th and 4th toes, and the surface is thinner.

While hard corn has a thicker surface, packed center, and more dead skin. Lastly, the seed corn is the smallest of the three. And it mainly occurs at the feet bottom. Calluses, on the other hand, occur due to repeated friction on the foot surface.

It also has various versions just like corns, and they include. A plantar callus that occurs at the foot bottom and the common callus that is both in hands and feet.

Keeping Aging Feet Healthy

As you get older, the feet ages too. The strength of muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons diminishes with time. Additionally, they suffer wear and tear due to intense activities they engage on a regular basis. To worsen the situation, the fatty cushioning pads are lost.

Seek the opinion of your podiatrist when any of these problems occur:

  • dry skin, brittle nails
  • burning and tingling sensations
  • feelings of cold, numbness
  • discoloration.

Noticing the signs early and getting good care of your feet increases your comfort, reduces additional medical problems, prevents infection, and keeping you active and mobile.

Treatment For Tinea

Tinea begins between your foot toes as a fungal infection. It is prevalent in people with sweaty feet confined in tight shoes. If you have a scaly rash in between your toes that feels itchy with a burning sensation, you need to see a podiatrist.

Tinea is very contagious and you can acquire it through shoes, floor, clothing or a towel that is contaminated. This infection is closely linked with jock itch and ringworm. Therefore the proper diagnosis is essential. The common prescription is antifungal after diagnosis confirmation.

Treating Nail & Fungal Infections

These are the most common feet diseases. They can actually occur on anyone. According to studies, they represent nail abnormalities up to 50%. Normally, the fungus is present on our body, but they become an issue when they overgrow.

The toe-nails are the most prone to fungus infections. The symptoms include nail crumbling edges, thickening, and discoloration of toe-nails. This disease can be severe to the extent that the whole nail may be removed. Thus visiting a podiatrist is essential to treat and save your nails from these infections

Professional Gait Analysis

Most of the athlete or sport shoe shops offer this service. But before opting for the service, is the person assessing your gait professional? Do they possess the skills and educational background when it comes to dealing with biomechanics and conditions of the feet?

With a podiatrist, you are sure of your feet analysis. They have the expertise in foot ailments and related conditions. Even before the Gait analysis, the podiatrist will do a physical examination of your feet. This involves the anatomy and the various motions range of your feet.

Thus for a quality Gait analysis, a podiatrist is the best choice. Through examining and studying the lower limbs, any injury or condition will be noted. Equipment may be applicable sometimes. And through this, you will get the diagnosis and possible movement for you.

Broken Bones & Fractures

No matter if you rolled your ankle while walking down the streets,tripped on stairs in a building or suffered an injury to your legs, ankle or foot through sports, your podiatrist can advise on the injury and recovery.

Ankles and feet are especially complicated, and a diagnosis from a professional foot doctor would be recommended to be sure you are okay.

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With the many joints, blood channels, nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons that form feet and ankles. It doesn’t take much for injury or infection to occur.

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  • Tenderness
  • Burning or sharp pain
  • Pain in your lower legs (calves) while walking

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