Pediatric Podiatry In Liverpool NSW

Diagnosis & treatment of ankle & foot issues in kids of all ages.

The injuries, deformities, and diseases experienced by kids need to be tackled by Doctors trained in the particular area.

Their feet are no exception, and there are a lot of children who are pediatric patients and suffer from a diverse range of conditions.

Often, when children complain about pain and aches in their legs or feet, many parents are not sure about the actual cause of the problem, and that is why they fail to seek the best medical attention. There are also cases where many children suffer from leg or foot problem, and they fail to express it or do not complain at all. Most commonly, parents try to treat such issues using home remedies rather than taking the kids to a pediatrician.

The goal of this page is to educate the parents and everyone out there about pediatric podiatry, what issues can arise if you fail to see a pediatrician and some of the many common kinds of foot problems are out there that are faced by kids.

What is a Pediatric Podiatrist?

Training specifically for lower limbs, feet and ankle issues

Children’s bones are continually passing through phases of development and growth, as is the case with their tissues as well. Any disease and injury to these bones or muscles can affect them adversely, which can create a hindrance in the future growth and development of bones and feet structure. A pediatric podiatrist makes sure that no such issues appear in children’s foot, and they are growing and developing under normal conditions.

Moreover, the healing response of children is also much different than that of adults, and that is why special care needs to be taken to avoid any permanent damage, dysfunction, or deformity.

  • Flat Feet
  • Toe Walking
  • Sever’s Dieseas
  • Warts
  • Knee Pain
  • Tarsal Coalition
  • In Toeing
  • Out -Toeing
  • Ingrown Toenails

Is your child complaining of painful legs or feet?

Podiatric issues common in children

Kids are prone to various problems that can affect their feet as well as their ankles. These issues can change the way they walk and can also result in permanent deformities. The most common and serious problems facing children are given below:-

  • Knee Pain

    People of all age groups experience knee pain. It is more common in adults and women and is considered as an age-factor. However, due to any injury or ruptured ligament, it can also appear in children. Knee pain can also arise as a result of torn cartilage. In children, it can also be caused due to gout infections. To help relieve the pain, a pediatrist may provide physical therapies as well as knee braces.

  • Sever’s Disease

    Sever’s disease is more common in boys. However, if children are overweight, then this condition may arise in them. Moreover, Sever’s disease is related to a heel injury, which may result in inflammation of the heel plate. It is also much common in athletic children, especially the heel plate, which is not developed fully.

  • Ingrown toenails

    Although it is also a common issue in adults since children’s bones and tissues are soft, so it is more common in kids. It is also a serious condition and can discomfort and even infection in severe circumstances. Thus, it is essential to visit a pediatric podiatrist to treat the issue.

  • Flat feet

    One of the most common deformities in kids is flatfoot deformity, also known as rigid pediatric flatfoot. It is an issue where the arch of the feet that has a characteristic of the upward curve is absent.

  • In-toeing

    In-toeing is a condition where your kid’s feet don’t stay straight. Instead, it points in an inward direction when the kid walks. Most of the time, it is painless and can be taken as a normal condition. It also improves with time as the kids grow. However, to stay on the safe side, it is essential to visit a podiatrist.

  • Out-toeing

    Out-toeing is an exclusive condition found in kids where the feet appear to be rotated or turned out while the patient walks. It is commonly known as “duck-feet” and is considered a neurological problem.

  • Toe walking

    Toe walking is a medical condition where the patients walk on the balls of their feet. Practically, there is no contact between the ground and the heel of the patient. It is widespread in children who are new to walking. The exact cause of this issue is not known; however, it a cause of concern for all the parents. It affects the posture and coordination of the child, as well. Toe walking can make the muscles stiff, as well. Thus, it is essential to visit a podiatrist to know the exact cause to conclude.

  • Warts

    Plantar warts relate to another skin condition where small growths appear on the heels. These warts can also appear on any other areas of the feet, which are more weight-bearing. The pressure on the feet is the ultimate cause of plantar warts. They are hard and consist of a thick layer. Measures need to be taken immediately to keep the condition under control.

  • Tarsal Coalition

    Tarsal coalition is an abnormality in kids where an abnormal connection is formed between the bones that are at the back of the foot. These bones are known as tarsal bones. This abnormal connection can be in any form from cartilage or bone to fibrous tissue. It leads to severe pain in the feet and also causes abnormality in movement. It is mandatory to visit a pediatric to cater to the issue.

Where To Get Help

HealthPoint Podiatry regularly treat children’s legs and feet complaints at our Liverpool Clinic and no referral is required.