Sports and Performance Podiatric Medicine

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What Is Sports Podiatry

Sports podiatrists work with disorders and problems of your lower limbs. These disorders are typically experienced in the ankles and feet.

Whether professional athlete or weekend warrior, if you are suffering from the injury, whether ankles, painful feet or muscles, we believe you can suffer an injury yet return to sport stronger than ever.

Medical Training

Sports podiatry is an extensive field in which the podiatrists are trained about the biomechanical capabilities of a sportsperson’s lower extremities.

The podiatrists are trained to access the condition of athlete’s and sportsperson’s feet, so they have a deep understanding of leg stability, functionality as well as alignment.

If you are a victim of any functional imbalances or muscle weaknesses, then your sports podiatrist will address it and provide you recommendations to improve and strengthen your muscles since they are experts in performing various biomechanical assessments so they can point out gait malfunctions as well during running and walking.

What is Sports Podiatry Biomechanics?

Biomechanics focuses on analysing the mechanics of human movement and  how forces interact and the effects these forces have on and within the body.

As Sports Podiatrists we focus on lower limb biomechanics and the complex alignment between the joints, muscles and nervous system.

By studying how your body naturally wants to move we can remove stress and pressure on the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments.

The advantages include:-

  • Increased movement speed
  • Reduces wear and tear on joints and ligaments.
  • Increase explosive power.
  • Improves sport form and technique.
  • Assists with muscle imbalances.
  • Reduce energy from economy of movement.

Recover From Injury & Improve Strength and Conditioning

When should you see the podiatrist?

Treatment of Injury Weakness and Pain for Athletes

If you are suffering with injury, weakness or feel persistent and constant pain in your legs, feet or ankles, then a visit to your local sports podiatry clinic could help.

Other than this reason, there are many different reasons why you should visit a sports podiatrist. Read on to know more about them.

Improve Performance

Many professional and amateur athletes visit a sports podiatrist frequently to improve performance in games and other activities.

If you take sport seriously, you always need to make sure that your lower limb muscles are flexible, mobile as well as pain-free so that you can enhance and maintain your performance.

Injury Recovery

Although it is always better to prevent  injuries through strength and conditioning ,athletes  often test their limits and when injuries  do occur, our sports podiatrist will quickly diagnose the cause and and offer a treatment plan for a quick and strong recovery.

Strength and Conditioning

Your sports podiatrist is highly trained in examining and predicting any signs of future injuries or disorders in your feet and lower limbs. We can even provide you suggestions about warming up routines and other training sessions and how to perform them the right way.

Where To Get Help

HealthPoint Podiatry treat lower limb, feet, heel and ankle issues for sporting injuries and no referral is required